Diesel Era Freight Car Classics

Freight Car Classics: Rock Island Boxcars

ROCK 302201 is a newly built Pullman-Standard 5,344-cubic-foot-capacity boxcar dressed in the white rendition of “Route Rock” livery. The boxcar, shown sandwiched between blue roster members, was at Tinsman, Ark., in January 1980. —Pete Smykla, Jr. photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

Freight Car Classics: Rock Island Boxcars

Rock Island Boxcar

ABOVE: ROCK 300694 shows late 1970s identifiers for spotting rolling stock with a stacked COTS label (black boxes outlined in white next to the “R” herald) and the yellow dot wheel check marker (residing between grab irons on the right side of this 50-footer, shown in a Santa Fe train in early spring 1979 rolling through New Mexico. —Kevin EuDaly collection

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