Diesel Era Freight Car Classics

Freight Car Classics: Conrail Boxcars

Conrail 180670 at Altoona, Pa., on September 28, 1976. This 50-foot boxcar possesses a double sliding door arrangement for easier loading and unloading through a wider opening (likely 14 feet with a combination 6- and 8-foot door set up). This modernized freight car is an X51a-class roster member. — Kevin EuDaly collection

Freight Car Classics: Conrail Boxcars

ABOVE: Conrail 60823 at Selkirk, N.Y., on February 20, 1983. This modernized 40-foot boxcar features a 6-foot sliding door and shows 1950 build date and 1978 update to its data and appears to be labeled for maintenance-of-way use. Note the added ladder at the lower left corner of the door and red “flammable” label on the tack board. The car’s yellow dot in a black square signals its wheels were checked and it is passed for interchange. The gray patches appear to be covering up Lehigh Valley heritage.John C. Benson photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

Conrail Boxcar

ABOVE: CR 279709 (from the road’s X61a class and originally a Pennsy car) at Cleveland, Ohio, on April 27, 1985. This tall double-door boxcar with extended couplers (denoting its cushioned underframe) retained its high-mount brake wheel, when its rooftop running boards went away (this was typical of many freight cars updated beginning in the mid-1960s and later).John C. Benson photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

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