THIRD QUARTER 2021: Welcome to Diesel Era, now published quarterly by White River Productions! In this issue, General Electric’s Landmark U25B series launches with Union Pacific’s diverse collection, Three Rivers Threesome by Gordon Lloyd, Jr., looks at Chessie-painted Alco S-series switchers, the second installment of Amtrak F40PH Phase II diesels, and Union Pacific’s new “We are ONE” 1979 appears in a photo essay by James Belmont. All this and more in the Third Quarter 2021 issue of Diesel Era!

Current Issue

Third Quarter 2021

Vol. 31, No. 3


General Electric’s Landmark U25B Union Pacific

Union Pacific’s collection of four-axle U25Bs wasn’t large but included good variety and variations among the roster members.

Three Rivers Threesome: B&O 9007, 9009, and 9010

by Gordon Lloyd, Jr. — Gordon Lloyd, Jr., shares images and information of Alco end-cab switchers painted in Chessie System livery in the 1970s.

A Brief Browse Through B&O Alco S-series Switchers

by Gordon Lloyd, Jr. and Tony Cook — Inspired by the Chessie System painted units presented by Gordon Lloyd, Jr., Tony Cook provides an overview of Baltimore & Ohio S-series switchers.

Amtrak’s Phase II F40PH Fleet Part Two: 273–315

The second of a three-part series goes number-by-number through Amtrak’s four-axle EMD F40PH diesel locomotives, focusing on the mid-production or Phase II bodies.

Union Pacific 1979: ONE

by James Belmont — James Belmont presents an all-around look at newly repainted UP 4332, now UP 1979, decorated for the road’s “We Are ONE” program.


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