Diesel Era Freight Car Classics

Chessie System Freight Cars

A reoccurring feature in Diesel Era, “Freight Car Classics” is included in the Third Quarter 2021 edition. You’ll see three examples of Chessie System freight cars.¬†Here are few images that didn’t make the Chessie System” freight car presentation…

ABOVE: B&O 410094 is a 7,327 cubic foot capacity boxcar with exterior-post design and sliding door. Note the yellow helper hand crank wheel for aiding in opening the door. This car was photographed in March 1980, at Fort Worth, Texas. – Dick Kuelbs photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

ABOVE: B&O 480930 is a signature Chessie boxcar. The offset sliding door sets this “Canstock Car” apart from typical boxcars of its era. This example was at Mt. Pleasant, Texas, in October 1990. – Dick Kuelbs photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

ABOVE: Boxcars got no bigger, B&O 492378 is an 86-foot auto parts high cube. This example, shown at Ft. Worth, Texas, in May 1986, is the less common eight-door version. – Dick Kuelbs photo, Kevin EuDaly collection


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