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Monon’s C-628s

Monon diesel power got no bigger than its Alco-built Century 628s. Monon 404 leads a fellow roster mate with a mixed freight. — Jim Boyd photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

Monon’s C-628s

Coming to the pages of Diesel Era, watch for a presentation on Monon’s C-628s. The road bought nine (400-408) of these six-axle Alcos in 1964, but they didn’t remain long with the road. These C-628s did move on to find work Lehigh Valley and later Conrail.

ABOVE: Decked out in black with gold and featuring silver trucks, even dusted up these were eye-catching Alcos. Monon 408 shows off its long hood.

Monon (officially Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville from 1897 through 1956) operated an interesting diesel roster with a mix of mostly first generation prototypes, including Electro-Motive Divsion’s F-units, BL2, and early switchers, as well as Fairbanks-Morse HO10-44 and H15-44 models, Alco RS-2 switchers and C-420s (which replaced the C-628s). The road’s last new power purchase was from General Electric in 1970 with eight U23B diesel locomotives.

Find out more about Monon by visiting the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society. There you’ll learn about this not-for-profit organization and details about membership to the group. There’s a Monon Store and you can see available back issues of The Hoosier Line, published by the society and part of annual membership, calendars, and other memorabilia.



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