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Illinois Central SW14 Preserved by Monticello Railway Museum

Illinois Central 1407 started out as an SW7 and was one of 112 locomotives that were rebuilt by the Illinois Central Gulf as an SW14. It is presently stored in Kentucky with GMTX markings. —Photo Courtesy of the Monticello Railway Museum.

Illinois Central SW14 Preserved by Monticello Railway Museum

The Monticello Railway Museum has acquired a unique Illinois Central SW14 locomotive. IC 1407 started life as an SW7 but was rebuilt by Illinois Central Gulf in 1977 into an SW14, one of the first switchers to enter the railroad’s unique rebuild program. The SW14 will be the third IC locomotive preserved at the museum, which aims to save the history of central Illinois railroading. The museum also has former IC SD40 and GP11 locomotives.

ICG 1407

Illinois Central Gulf 1407, Memphis, Tenn., January 1987.Mike Condren photo

Following its rebuild in 1977, locomotive 1407 continued to work for the IC until 1998, when it was retired and sold into private lease service. Following a career in private lease service, 1407 was graciously donated to the Monticello Railway Museum by GATX Locomotive Group. The unit is currently stored in Lexington, Ky., and the museum is currently raising funds for the move to Monticello.

—Justin Franz